Musai Experience in Transylvania

Active family escapes in rural Transylvania and the Carpathians

Reky Travel Club in cooperation with My Transylvania Association and other regional partners, brings up an ingenious concept. Musai Experience is a series of events that will take place in mountain areas and around the highlands of Transylvania and will include sports and well-being activities, picnic, crafts, culinary and agricultural workshops, dinner with the locals and sleeping in tents.

We love and respect nature and we get inspired by it. Musai Experience events are taking place from Friday to Sunday. On Saturday, in the morning, the participants need to accept (at least) one of the 5 outdoor challenges – sport activities, such as mountain biking, hiking, trail running, cart trips, mushrooms and plants picking under the guidance of a biologist, kayaking, yoga, mindfulness etc. In the afternoon there are Do It Yourself workshops (e.g. How it’s made? Cheese), while at dinner we connect with the local community. The core of the whole concept is “slow living”, spending a joyful weekend, hearing the birds singing, the sheep’s bell ringing, smelling the freshly mowed grass, tasting the local, seasonal, authentic food and feeling that the eternity was made in the villages.

We truly believe that future through education is the key, so we are paying tribute to this idea by learning lessons from Mother Nature, but also by organizing workshops, giving love and time to the children and teaching the rural communities about small scale agriculture and hospitality.My Transylvania Association supports causes and gets actively involved: we advocate for nature protection, waste combating, engineless sports, connecting to ourselves, volunteering, democracy values, innovation and tradition.

Our weekend package includes:

– 2 nights in a camping, everyone brings its own tent. If we can not organize the camping area, we will provide accommodation at local families, in their good rooms. We have also the possibility of an upgrade to agro-touristic guesthouses.
– the participation at one of the active challenges we propose for Saturday morning, either a sportive one or just well-being in the nature. All activities include a picnic bag.
– the participation at one of the workshops and ateliers in the afternoon focused on gastronomy, crafts, agriculture or some other local traditions
– dinner with the volunteers and locals

We provide more information to each event on Facebook where we also communicate in English. The tickets are available on

One more friendly requests: being part of a promotion campaign of the mountain areas in The Carpathians and villages around Transylvania, we will have professional photographers and colleagues filming. By booking one of our weekends you accept that you can or will appear in various promotion materials.